Heart of Gaia Creative Healing Arts 

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​Mary D'Agostino

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As an Intuitive, Spiritual Counselor, Energy Therapist, Psychic Healer, Inspirational Educator, and Author,

I am here to assist you on your sacred life journey.

​Sharing guidance, wisdom, insight, direction, blessings and healing to those who come seeking counsel, personal growth, connection to the Divine, well-being and real life changing assistance is my soul's deepest joy and passionate profession. 

My practice is based in the truth that you are a sacred being equipped with a complete system of knowing and guidance.  

Heart of Gaia Creative Healing Arts is a culmination of my sacred service and life work. It is an ever evolving support system and network of offerings for the ever evolving Human-Being- (You).

The Support System and Network of offerings include private sessions with me as well as workshops, gatherings and trainings.

 The Evolving Human is empathic, has a desire to understand Self at the deeper unseen and unexplored level,  has a desire or need to connect to Source (God, the Divine, Nature or something grander)is highly intuitive, and learning to use all six senses. 

The Evolving Human is deeply compassionate and courageous. Yes, that's you! 

The Evolving Human wants to live life as a creative process, guided by the direction of the Heart and Soul. 


I help you connect with your hopes and dreams, and awaken your inner light through conscious connection with your guidance team of angels, and spirit helpers awaiting your call.  

I help you clear fears, frustrations and unnecessary limitations through the power of soulful healing, compassionate connection and practical, sound advice. 

I look forward to our time together



How did this all begin?

Once upon a time...

As a child, I did not have a name for the very intense way I experienced life. As far back as I remember, I was acutely aware of  others feelings and thoughts, as well as the energies of places, the "spirit" of plants and animals, the earth and nature's cycles, angelic presence, and the unseen, yet ever present world of Spirit.

I had a natural knowing of how to assist that I put to use, to not only help others, but to help me make sense of an often times complicated world.  

 I took on the challenge and met life with an open heart and a curiously bold nature. 

As is the nature of life on planet Earth, my own journey has been full of challenges. My life path has consisted of many twists and turns, high roads and valleys. Each leg of this sacred journey has been a consistent and persistent experiment in love, power, strength and resiliency and deeper connection to the Divine.

I am in deep gratitude for my connection to the Divine and all of my spirit helpers and most especially my Angelic Team. The power and potency of this connection is what allows me to see life as an evolution of love and soul growth, even during the darkest of times. 

​In my quest to serve the evolution of our human/divine experience, I have studied human consciousness, personal growth and development, spirituality, core shamanism, astrology, intuitive and esoteric arts, energy medicine, writing for healing and creative expression, yoga,  meditation, journalism, art and design and Divinity. My core Team of Angelic Guides, the Divine Mother and the Sacred Heart of God have been my teachers throughout my life.

I am a lifelong learner and will never stop educating myself and sharing my findings with you!

I am Mother to five grown children, and grandma (G-Ma) to five (and counting) little grandsons. After living on both coasts, I now make my home in one of the most beautiful places on Earth~ Colorado. I get to see the beauty and majesty of the Divine made manifest each and every day- in you, my clients, my family, friends and the Rocky Mountains!

Be inspired and know you are always loved~ here in the Heart of Gaia.

May you find an infinite well of love, and the inspiration to pursue your heart and soul's desires.