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​Mary D'Agostino

Hello Fellow Travelers,

 As I tend to the healing of my heart, my family and I are in gratitude to the assistance we have been receiving from Angels on Earth.

My son Brandon left this life to pursue "higher aspirations". He flew home on January 13, 2017. He was all about the LOVE while on earth. He is still about the LOVE. His kind, generous, thoughtful, inspirational way of walking his path is living on through you, through me and through all who walk the Spiritual Warrior's Peaceful Path of Devotion to Divine Love through assisting our Fellow Travelers. We need each other!

We are currently planning various ways to honor Brandon through supporting causes near and dear to him and by being Activists of the Heart. Please stay posted. He loved to help, we love to help.

One thing I will share with you now is this-- He never met a person he didn't want to help encourage in some way or another. His light lives on. And so does yours!

If you feel called, please share any stories you may have about how Brandon encouraged or inspired you to "go for your dreams".  Email me at mary@marydagostino.com. And, then...go out and be the change you wish to see. Be a living presence of love to the best of your ability. 

I am in gratitude to your Light and your Love. 



  Heart of Gaia Creative Healing Arts