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​Mary D'Agostino

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Reiki is a sacred hands on healing art that addresses imbalances of the mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and psychic bodies from the root cause outward. It is currently used as a complimentary healing modality in private practices as well as in major hospitals and healing institutions around the world. I trained and became certified in this healing art in 2004 and have been teaching and practicing Reiki for over ten years. 

Reiki is a valuable tool for not only following a "Sacredly Inspired Life", but for keeping your energy and your life in optimum flow, health and well-being. 

The word Rei-ki is actually the Japanese name for Universal Life Force Energy.  Rei meaning Universal, boundless and Ki meaning life force. It is the force that animates you and all living things. Ki becomes blocked or out of balance when you suffer any trauma or injury to body, mind or spirit. 

A Reiki Session is similar to massage, although I call it a massage for your spirit. You remain fully clothed and lay comfortably on a treatment table. You can relax, listen to music or converse. I place my hands over or lightly on your body in a series of holds that provide you with optimum energetic balancing and clearing of stress or pain. You may feel sensations of warmth, coolness, tingling, or may feel nothing at all. I am skilled  in releasing trapped energy patterns or congestions from past trauma, be that physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

Reiki is an easy and effective compliment to many healing modalities, including chemotherapy, psychotherapy, surgery support, PTSD support, physical therapy, therapeutic massage and every day stresses. It is also a beneficial stand alone therapy and will address whatsoever is out of "alignment" within you. 

There is always a message that is revealed for you during or after a session. This message may come in the form of a knowing or "aha" moment. There may be release of pain or a deep feeling of peace. 

Reiki Training

I teach the Usui Method of Natural Healing. This is the method taught by Dr. Mikao Usui. Since Reiki is a healing art, rather than a science, it has a lineage, which means, that learning Reiki is passed on from Teacher (Master) to student. It is an intuitive healing art and is best learned after you have experienced the benefits of Reiki therapy for yourself and want to continue to learn, grow and heal. This allows the method to remain sacred, rather than institutional. 

Reiki is thus best learned in an intimate setting. The teacher is responsible for teaching the student the basics of the healing art, along with a basic understanding of the energy body or chakra/meridian system. The teacher then transmits to the student, energy that attunes the student to the sacred energy of life force.

Every Reiki Master has her or his own personal style that is added, yet it is important that the Reiki master simply teaches and guides the student to awakening their own inherent healing ability. This is the true goal of a Reiki Master.

This is why I teach and love this healing art. My personal mission is always to awaken within you, or assist you to awaken your own inner healing ability, wisdom and light.

I provide a safe, secure environment in which to learn Reiki. I teach in small groups only, with no more than 10 students. I also teach private individual classes. Each group or class will have its own dynamic, specifically designed for the students in attendance. 

I require you to have at least one Reiki Session with me before taking Level 1. A series of sessions is suggested. 

Please contact me personally for further information or questions. 

Recommended Reading to prepare for class or for extended study.

1. New Chakra Healing by Cyndi Dale

2. Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith

3. You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay

4. Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss

5. The Subtle Body by Cyndi Dale