I help you connect with your hopes and dreams, and awaken your inner light through conscious connection with your guidance team of angels, and spirit helpers (guidance team) awaiting your call.  I help you clear fears, frustrations and unnecessary limitations through the power of soulful healing, compassionate connection and practical, sound advice. 
I look forward to our time together. 

Intuitive Consultation

Bring questions regarding career, relationship, family, finances, health, spiritual growth, or whatsoever is on your heart and mind. Mary will bring through clear, loving and compassionate guidance that will speak directly to your soul. 

Connections with loved ones  in Spirit,  Spirit Guide Connection, Angelic Guidance, Energy Therapy, may be a part of your  Consultation or may be requested separately. 

Spiritual Counseling/Intuitive Consultation through life Transitions~ Mary works with many clients in an on going fashion. Her skills and expertise have helped many through the twists and turns of life~ divorce, relocation, career changes, deaths, births and everyday living in this ever changing transitioning world. Each session builds upon the next to assist you through some of the most important transitions of your life. She provides consistent support with practical~spiritual direction, wisdom and coaching. She is known as a Soul Life Coach,or Spiritual Mid-wife,  digging deep into the experiences you are going through in order to assist you in living a life of meaning, and purpose, inner peace and fulfillment, health and well-being. Consultation package pricing is available. 

​Mediumship Reading

When our loved ones, friends and family leave this realm, they are always with us. If you would like to connect with them, Mary will guide you. Our loved ones are so very present with us, and are having adventures of their own, in realms that we can access. Just as we too will pass from our physical body, and live on, they are here with us, and want to continue in a variety of ways to be a part of our life. Be assured, comforted and given messages of love.  

Akashic Record Reading

A visit into the Akashic Records is a visit into the library that contains the records of your soul's journey throughout all your lifetimes. We will be reading from your personal book of wisdom to receive answers, insights, blessings, healing, wisdom, guidance and direction. Very similar to an Intuitive Consultation, with a slightly different feel. Many are intrigued and curious about the Akashic Records and Mary has studied in them extensively. She is honored to be your tour guide and "Psychic Librarian" in the ancient and holy records. Recording provided at your request.

Reiki Therapy Session

Recieve the healing benefits of Reiki as a way to clear, align, balance and restore your energy. Distance or remote Reiki is highly effective. Reiki is a good compliment to an Intuitive Reading, allowing your energy to both clear and share messages of insight and healing. 

Space and Land, Business and Home Clearings 

​Just as our energy becomes congested or blocked, so does the energy of our homes, work places and the land on which we live. Clear and concise intentions for what you want your home, work or land to be for you and others is always an important step and one most westerners overlook. In order to prosper financially, feel emotionally fulfilled, to build a healthy life, home or career, your space, the energetic vibration and the land beneath must all be in agreement.

Have you ever had the experience of walking into a home and you could just feel what kind of people live there? Have you walked into a place of business and right away felt welcome, or unwelcome? Energies live on, long past when we can no longer see them. Thought forms linger long past the prayers or blessings, or arguments or disagreements. Mary uses traditional and non-traditional methods to clear, align and integrate your intentions and energy into your home, your business or the land upon which you live. Clearings are done either remote or on-sight. 

Prepare for a session by setting an intention, or gathering together a few questions that are most important to you at this time. You matter and you are more powerful than you realize. 

Sessions are conducted via phone, video conferencing, email or in person 

 Session Rates and Booking 

​Mary D'Agostino

You are an energetic being. Both human and spirit; a wonderful and powerful mix of body, spirit, emotions, thoughts and desires along with an eternal soul or guiding force. Sometimes it is hard to determine what is the best way forward or how to use your life in a manner in which you are a creator being, rather than a victim of circumstance. You have an inner guidance system that is always there to help. Mary connects with your guidance system, and reads your vibrational signature bringing through clear and accurate insight into issues that are most important to you at this time. 


  Heart of Gaia Creative Healing Arts 

970.988.5090  mary@marydagostino.com

My experience working with Mary has been an enlightenment of the mind, body and spirit. I have been opened up to the possibility of a greater life; one that I create through my own positive energy, al life that is true to who I am and who I was meant to be. I cannot thank Mary enough. Her insights and intuitions have been spot on. --AC Colorado

​The work we did really made me attuned to what my inner self is saying. It let me tap into some personal strengths, and let me know more of the person I actually want to be and I can't wait to do more work with Mary.--MS NYC

​I have to give a shout out to you, Mary. Working with you has been AMAZING and so incredibly healing for me. I am grateful and can't wait for our next session!--CW Idaho


As a healer and teacher, Mary has a profound impact on the clients she works with. Her journaling class has taught me how to access a deeper understanding of myself and my relationship to the Universe. Receiving and learning Reiki from her has allowed me to open to the many gifts I have been given and awakened me to the astounding possibilities of my life. --TO Colorado